Junior Levels$120.00
Grade Levels$130.00
Major Levels (2 classes a week)$280.00
TapJunior Levels$120.00
Grade Levels$130.00
Major Levels$140.00
JazzJunior Levels$120.00
Grade Levels and Stretch, Leap & Spin$130.00
Major Levels$140.00
ContemporaryBeginners Levels$120.00
Grade Levels (1-3)$130.00
Major Levels (4-6)$140.00
Extra ClassesOpen Ballet$130.00
Open Jazz$140.00
Adult dancing$125.00
Open Tap$130.00
Junior Boppers$115.00
Hip HopJunior Levels$120.00
Grade Levels (1-4)$130.00
Major Levels (5-8)$140.00

All fees are due within the first two weeks of each term. Invoices are emailed from the studio office prior to each term commencing.

Payment Methods

*Deposited into the account:
Plimmerton School Of Dance
Please state your child’s full name and the invoice number

*EFTPOS is in the studio office – the office is open Monday – Friday 3pm – 6pm